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Van Buren Township Police offer many self service options that may save you time and a trip to the police department. Crash reports are available online.If you need a copy of a crash report follow this link . If you received a ticket you can pay it online through the 34th District Courts online payment service available here.

Van Buren Township Police now offers crime mapping. Stay informed about crimes that are happening in and around your neighborhood. If this is your first time using please check out this short 4 minute video for a quick overview.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there is misuse seen in approximately 73% of all child safety seats in use. According to the CDC over 1200 deaths, and approximately 171,000 injuries occur yearly to children 14 and under. The Van Buren Township Public Safety Department is committed to the safety of the children in our community and currently has two officers specially trained in the inspection of child restraint systems. The officers will assist residents by inspecting, not installing, child restraint systems. Inspections are available Mon. – Fri. by appointment only. Due to demand and resources, this service is available to Van Buren Township residents only. Appointments can be made by contacting Ofc. Ryan Bidwell via e-mail or by calling (734) 699-8930. For current child seat recalls click here.


Belleville Lake is a great place to be in the summer time. Whether you swim, fish, ski, or just relax on a boat, make sure your time on the water is enjoyable and safe. Know your limitations. Know your equipment. Know the laws.


Van Buren Township  Animal Control offers a lost and found listing to help reunite pets and pet owners. Animal Control is responsible for investigating animal cruelty complaints, advise on nuisance wildlife problems and to enforce Township ordinances pertaining to animals. If you need assistance or more information please contact Animal Control Officer Queener at (734) 699-8930 or via e-mail. Van Buren Township does not pick-up feral cats, you will need to contact a private animal control business. For reporting or removal of wildlife on the roadways please contact Wayne County Road Commission Animal Removal at (734) 753-4477.

Van Buren Township Police is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all citizens and visitors to the Township. If you are aware of criminal activity involving drugs call our anonymous drug tip hotline at (734) 699 – 8940. Report suspicious activity. If you are unsure if someone is supposed to be in an area, contact the police department. 28000 sets of eyes and ears makes for a great surveillance system.


Child safety is paramount in Van Buren Township. Whether at school, home or play there are many options for ensuring that we all do everything we can to make Van Buren Township a safe place to raise a child. Here are just some of the options and tools available to you and your children. If you need further information please contact the police department at (734) 699-8930.

speed trailer

Van Buren Township Police offers it’s residents access to a speed trailer display unit. Speed trailers are used throughout the country by law enforcement agencies as an effective tool to deter speeding. If you feel that an area is becoming unsafe due to traffic issues contact the traffic unit and they will work with you to devise a plan of action. Speed trailers, selective enforcement and increased patrols are just some of the options that may be available to you.

Hours & LocationF.A.Q.DepartmentsSocial MediaVan Buren Police
We are located at 46425 Tyler Rd. Van Buren Twp. MI. 48111

We are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Emergency: 9-1-1

Non Emergency: (734) 699 – 8930

Sex Offender Registration Hours:

Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

**Registration may not be available during holidays.

Gun Permit Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Records Dept.

Hours: Open daily from 7:30 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.

Records Phone: (734) 699 – 8939

Fax: (734) 699 – 6469

Animals: Lost & Found or Questions/Complaints

Vehicle Impound Information
Impounds/Vehicle Releases:

Van Buren Township Department of Public Safety policy requires that a release be obtained by the registered/titled owner in order to secure the release of an impounded vehicle.  Vehicle releases are available 24 hours a day at the front desk upon providing the following information.

  1. Registered owner with valid driver’s license –


  1. Registered owner with valid identification and two driver’s with valid driver’s license (One to drive your vehicle and one to drive the vehicle that transported you to the police department)
  2. Valid registration or title to vehicle
  3. Valid proof of insurance for vehicle (May be faxed by your insurance company to 734 699-5329)   

$30 cash – release form fee

A vehicle which is unregistered, uninsured or for which no valid licensed driver can be obtained may be towed from the tow yard after obtaining a release from the police department to do so.  The registered owner would still have to obtain the release through valid identification, proof of ownership and fee payment.

In the event that the registered owner is unable to come to the police department, they may complete a “hold harmless” letter authorizing a third party to obtain the release of the vehicle on their behalf.  The hold harmless letter will need to authorize the release of the vehicle to a specifically named party, describe the vehicle to be released and be signed by the registered owner.  The letter must be notarized.  The letter may be delivered in person or faxed to 734 699-5329.  The named party must still hold a valid driver’s license and present the registration/title, proof of insurance and $30 fee.


*No vehicle or property in a vehicle, will be released without completing this process. 

How do I get a copy of a crash report?

I, or someone I know, was arrested.
If someone you know is arrested by the Van Buren Township Police Department be aware of a few things:

The cells have phones and are available for anyone who is incarcerated. There is a fee for this and will be explained if/when you receive a call.

If you call us we can not tell you what the person or persons were arrested for, we can only say if they are in custody. This is to protect their rights and yours.

Arraignments normally occur around 11:30 AM. It is after this time that releases occur. Arraignments happen via video conference and are not viewable at the police station.

Personal messages cannot be passed along via the dispatch center to anyone in our custody.

If your vehicle was impounded as part of your arrest please read the “My vehicle was impounded” question above for what is required to get the vehicle out of impound. There is a $30 fee to receive a vehicle release form. This fee is for the police department only and does not include any fees incurred from the tow company.

Alcohol arrests have time requirements that must be meet before a release is granted. Be aware that this may occur after morning arraignments and may delay the release time.

Obtain Copy of a Police Report.
If you need a copy of a police report that has occurred in the previous two years, the cost is $5 which includes the first 5 pages. There is an additional fee of $1 per page after the first 5.

Police reports for incidents that occurred over two years ago are $10 for the first 5 pages with an additional fee of $1 per page after the first 5.

Be aware that some reports may be redacted in order to protect other parties privacy.

F.O.I.A. Requests
Freedom of Information Act or F.O.I.A. requests can be obtained from the records bureau.

When requesting a F.O.I.A. please be as specific as possible.

Include the case report number (if known), names, addresses, locations and exact dates (if known)

F.O.I.A. requests can take up to five days to process, and additional time may be needed depending on the volume of the requests. If extra time is needed you will be notified of such.

Requests can be submitted via Fax (734) 699-6469

Requests can be made in person Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM

If you have any questions call the records department at (734) 699 – 8939

Find out more information concerning F.O.I.A requests here

Citation Information

Tickets can be paid in person at the 34th District Court in Romulus Michigan.

They are located at 11131 Wayne Rd. Romulus MI. 48174 Phone Number is (734) 941-4462 and their hours are 8:30 – 4:00 Monday – Friday.

You may also pay your ticket online through the 34th District Court Online Payment Portal. This is not run by the Van Buren Township Police Department and there is a convenience fee that is in addition to the citation fine.

Click here for more information about fines and convenience fees.

Gun registration
Gun permits:

Michigan law requires a Pistol Purchase Permit to be obtained by an individual that does not have a valid Michigan Concealed Pistol License and is purchasing a handgun from a private individual.

Those with a valid Michigan CPL may use a Pistol Sales Record form (Michigan State Police form – RI-060) which is available on the Michigan State Police website or at your local police department to complete a handgun sale or transfer.  Those purchasing a handgun from a federally licensed firearms dealer (gun store) may do so without a first obtaining a Pistol Purchase Permit. 

Pistol Purchase Permit Application Hours

Application must be made in person.  Applicant must present valid identification at the time of application.  Permit applications will be reviewed and approved/denied during the below listed hours.  Delays requiring the applicant to return, may occur due to personnel constraints or need for further investigation of the applicant based upon the initial state or federal  response to the application.

Tuesday 8am-3pm

Wednesday 8am-3pm

Thursday 8am-3pm

If you are unable to come to the station during the above listed hours, you may complete the application after hours and you will be contacted when  your permit is ready for pickup.

Completed Pistol Purchase Permits and Pistol Sales Record forms may be turned in at the front desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


What is crime mapping?

It is a visual display that gives a general location of crimes, usually within a specified period, and in a specified area.

Why is crime mapping important?

The weekly crime log is great for looking at crimes that have occurred in the Township. Crime mapping takes those crimes, filters out the traffic stops, assists, and other non-essential information and displays the crimes on a map allowing the viewer to see not only the type of crimes being committed, but more importantly where in relation to areas that are important to you, such as your house, school, or place of business.

When is the map updated?

The map is updated on a daily basis. This update occurs in the overnight hours between 1 AM & 6 AM.

Are all crimes listed?

Some crimes are withheld for investigative purposes. Most traffic crimes are not listed (this does not include alcohol crimes which are listed).

Does crime mapping list only crimes in Van Buren Township? I border another city/township where can I check those crimes?

Check to see if the cities that border Van Buren Township list their crimes. Some do, including Canton Township & Ypsilanti.

If you would like to receive reports about crimes that surround areas important to you, click here and input the options that are best for your situation.

Employment Application & Background Check

Road Patrol
Road Patrol is the officer that many of you will see on a day to day basis.

The road patrol unit’s primary responsibility is exactly as the name implies, patrol. Van Buren Township is a proactive police department which means not only do our Officers respond to complaints but they are actively looking for suspicious circumstances and actions while on patrol.

Other primary responsibilities are to respond to citizens calls, O.W.I. and traffic enforcement, crime investigations, arrests and numerous other daily duties. Along with standard patrol officers, Van Buren Township also has cross trained officers who along with being police officers are also fire fighters and carry their fire gear with them while on patrol.


Motorcycle Patrol
The Van Buren Township Police Department has a fully marked BMW Motorcycle. This motorcycle is used for general road patrol, traffic enforcement and special events. This unit is able to patrol areas with confined spaces such as bike paths in the parks or areas with heavy traffic.

The motor unit consists of 4 full time officers:                                               

    • Det. Mark Buxton
  • Officer Dale Harrison
  • Officer Chris Hayes
  • Officer Scott Griggs 

BMW Police

2013 BMW Police Special R1200

Van Buren Twp opted to purchase the BMW based on track tests conducted by the Michigan State Police vehicle evaluation team. Report from testing concluded that the BMW Police Special had superior handling and safety features, and even cost a little less according to performance tests that MSP conducted. 

 The Van Buren Township Police Motorcycle Unit participated in the following events:

    • Thin Blue Line Rides 
  • Strawberry Festival Parade  
  • Community Fun Runs
  • Christmas Parade
  • Fourth of July Parade
  • Woodward Dream Cruise
  • Routine Patrol
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Community Education

Director Laurain Supervisor Combs Treasurer Budd


If you would like more information on the motor unit or you would like to request extra patrols please contact Ofc. Mark Buxton.

Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol

The bicycle unit patrols Van Buren Township residential areas, business districts as well as Van Buren Park and Special Events.

The unit has three mountain bicycles specially designed for police work. The unit consists of officers that have been trained by the International Police Mountain Bike Association and are on patrol seasonal as weather permitting.

With hundreds of citizen contacts, you the residents have expressed your overwhelming support for the bicycle program. We appreciate your comments and request to see the patrol continue in your neighborhoods. If you would like the bicycle patrol unit to visit your school, group or scout troop for a bicycle safety talk, please contact Sgt. Bart Devos by email or by phone (734) 699 – 8930

Detective Bureau
Detective Bureau
Dive Team

Dive Team


Van Buren Twp Public Safety Divers consist of Police and Fire personnel. They conduct search, rescue and recovery operations along the 7 miles of shoreline of Belleville Lake. The Dive Team works together with the our Marine Unit.  Most dive operations take place in low to zero visibility. The divers develop a search pattern for a site and then literally dive by touch. They also utilize high tech side scan sonar and underwater metal detectors.  Police divers work in every division of the Public Safety Department and are called out for Search and Recovery and Evidence Recovery within all water access ways within the Township. 


Evidence Recovery

dive search

Divers recover physical evidence such as weapons, stolen property and vehicles used during the commission of a crime. To protect evidence, it is brought to the surface in a sealed container filled with water from the location. It is then transported to a State Police laboratory for testing. Recovered weapons can include handguns, rifles, shell casings, knives and more. Divers have recovered many vehicles in the last five years. The vehicles end up in the water as the result of accidents or suspects dumping them in attempt to hide evidence.

 Search & Recovery



Our Public Safety Divers work in a search and recovery mode to find an accident or crime victim lost in Belleville Lake. We work with neighboring dive teams from Metro Airport, Wayne County and Washtenaw County Sheriffs Department when extended operations occur on Belleville Lake or one of the many of retention ponds in our Township limits. 




dive train

All members of the team are trained and are certified public safety divers. They keep their skills sharp with intense monthly training that requires diving with a blacked out mask to test decision making in zero visibility conditions. Dive skills and knowledge are continually tested by creating high stress situations above and below water to ensure divers are always ready for actual dive operations.  

Traffic Services

The Van Buren Township Award Winning Traffic Services Division is responsible for all aspects of traffic safety.

traffic 1

The traffic services division was started in 2006 as a way to try and curtail the amount of accidents and dangerous driving situations on area roadways. The impact was immediate. Total crashes in 2005 were 764, in 2006 after the implementation of the traffic unit the amount of crashes in the township dropped to 682 in 2006. Besides lowering total crashes intersection crashes also declined. In 2005 Van Buren township had `11 intersections with at least 10 or more crashes, with the worst intersection being Belleville Rd. and the South Service Drive of I-94 which had 33 crashes in 2005. After the creation of the traffic unit the number of intersections with 10 or more crashes declined to 8, and the Belleville Rd. and South Service Drive Intersection declined to 22 crashes. The number of accidents is well below the 2005 number and in 2012 the number was 634 total crashes and the intersection of Belleville Rd. and the South Service Drive accidents total was 15.

More information about the creation of the traffic unit and why the unit is so important can be found here.

If you need to contact the Traffic Services Division they can be reached at (734) 699 – 8907

The unit can also be reached via email

Honor Guard

honor guard 2

The Van Buren Township Honor Guard Unit is a ceremonial unit of highly trained Van Buren Officers committed to high standards of ceremonial duties.

Those duties include:

  • Funerals
  • Special Occasions
  • Memorial Day Events
  • 4th of July Events
  • Parades
  • Community Events

honor guard1

Honor Guard units must comply with many different rules and movements when performing their duties. Crisp clean uniforms, coordinated and exact movements and a cohesiveness that demands attention. To understand just how exact each piece and movement is take a look at the manual used by the United States Air Force Honor Guard.

The Van Buren Township Honor Guard units upcoming events will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

honor guard2

The Van Buren Township Public Safety Dispatch Center is the hub of the Public Safety Department.

Often referred to as “dispatch” or “radio” the dispatchers are responsible for directing emergency personnel and equipment to the correct place in the quickest time possible. Handling over 10,000 911 calls on average every year, the dispatch center is a department that is constantly in motion.

Van Buren Township utilizes the Michigan Public Safety Communication System or MPSCS, radio system for it’s communications. The 800 MHz digital system is one of the largest public safety communications systems in North America. It has 244 towers, over 62,000 radios and covers an area in excess of 59,000 Sq. miles. If you are interested in a basic overview of the system follow this link. 

Van Buren Township Public Safety is a member of Clemis. Clemis provides the software that runs our Computer Aided Dispatch or CAD software as well as our records management system or RMS. This software allows our dispatchers to enter information into CAD that the officers can see in their cars. The system is a two way system which means that the officers can enter information that dispatch can see as well. The vehicles are also equipped with VLS or Vehicle Locator Systems which allows dispatch to see where each vehicle is thus allowing them to dispatch the closest personnel possible.


In addition to the 10,000 plus 911 calls, the dispatch center also handles over 50,000 non-emergency calls per year.

Special Operations Team

Special Operations Team / Crisis Negotiating Team


In addition to Patrol and Investigative Van Buren Township Police is a long standing member of the Western Wayne County Special Operations Team and the Crisis Negotiating Team.

This consortium consists of specially trained police officers from our department and nine other agencies to include, Canton Twp, PlymouthCity, PlymouthTwp.WayneCity, NorthvilleCity, Northville Twp, LivoniaCity, and Redford Twp.

This team is deployed to high risk incidents that are above and beyond the capabilities of patrol or investigative personnel. This is to include but not limited to:

    • Barricaded Gunman
  • Hostage Situations
  • Active Shooter Incidents
  • Dignitary Protection (Presidential Visits)
  • Suicidal Situation


This Team is staffed with the latest equipment and vehicles along with highly trained personnel and provides these resources to these communities that would not be able to otherwise staff or be cost prohibited.

Command Staff
Command Staff

Van Buren Township Police offers many ways to stay connected.



Department Motto

Response & Service

Vision Statement

To build Michigan’s premier police agency that is a recognized leader for efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, and public safety.

Core Values


The DUTY of the Van Buren Police Department is to serve the people of our community with dignity, respect, fairness and compassion. We serve with COURAGE to protect life and property and maintain law and order. We will uphold the TRUST placed in us to safeguard constitutional guarantees and will do so with HONOR worthy of those who have served before us. INTEGRITY is the cornerstone of our profession. We will maintain a standard of conduct that reinforces the ideals of honesty, accountability and pledge to hold ourselves to the highest legal, moral and ethical standards.

Mission Statement

The Van Buren Police Department is committed to maintaining a safe community by providing extraordinary law enforcement service, with an emphasis on professionalism, accountability, and respect, while building trust, creating a safe environment, and enhancing the quality of life in our community.