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Treasurer’s Office

(Phone : 734-699-8903, Fax : 734-699-8955)


The Van Buren Township Treasurer accepts payments on property taxes, water bills and building permits, as well as any other fees incurred from the day to day running of the Township.

The Treasurer’s Office is here to serve you Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

  • Payments can be made after regular office hours by utilizing our 24 hour drop box, located in the Public Safety lobby or the drop box located in front of the Township’s main entrance. Checks and money orders only please.
  • The Treasurer’s Office accepts cash, checks and money orders. Credit cards are accepted in the Treasurer’s Office, although Point and Pay  charges a 3% convenience fee for this service.
  • Make checks and money orders payable to Van Buren Township.
  • Tax Due Dates: Summer Tax – September 14th/Winter Tax – February 28th “(postmarked payments NOT accepted)”

Need to pay a water bill? CLICK HERE for all the ways you can pay. 

Treasurer’s Office Fee Schedule 2021

Property Taxes

Assessment, Property Tax and Permit Information is available online for active parcels.

Please click the following link: Online Assessment, Property Tax and Permit Data

The treasurer is responsible for the collection and distribution of all property taxes paid by residents of Van Buren Township.

    • Property taxes are based on the Taxable Value of your property multiplied by the Millage Rates levied by the various taxing units. These units include State, School, County and Township.
    • To estimate your yearly property taxes, go to our property tax tables.  
    • Homestead Property Tax income tax credit
    • The December 1st property tax statement will include County taxes and the Township’s local taxes. It will also include any special assessments. These are due and payable without interest until the last business day in February. For information on special assessments contact the Treasurer’s Office.
    • On March 1st, delinquent real property taxes are turned over to the Wayne County Treasurer. All payments made after March 1st for delinquent real property must be paid to the Wayne County Treasurer. Payments for delinquent personal property are payable to Van Buren Township.
    • The Treasurer’s office works in conjunction with over two hundred mortgage companies to ensure that your taxes are paid on time. To ensure that we have your correct mortgage company, please notify our office of any changes you may make during the year. Contact the Treasurer’s Office at (734) 699-8903 or via e-mail.
    • Deferment of Summer Taxes  >Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes
    • Principle Residence Exemption (PRE)  >Principle Residence Exemption (PRE) Affidavit

Delinquent Taxes

The Van Buren Township Treasurer does not collect delinquent real property.

  • Real property taxes not paid by March 1st must be paid to the Wayne County Treasurer. The Wayne County Treasurer will add a 4% penalty fee plus interest of 1% per month.
  • For more information on delinquent property taxpayer assistance, tax payment options, and frequently asked questions, visit the Wayne County website.
  • Payments must be sent to :
  • Eric Sabree Wayne County Treasurer The International Center Building 400 Monroe 5th Floor Detroit, Michigan 48226
  • Public Act 123 of 1999 shortens the amount of time property owners have to pay their delinquent taxes before losing their property. The new act reduces the amount of time to pay taxes from approximately 5 years to 2 years.
  • Property with taxes that are 2 years delinquent will be foreclosed and the property will be sold at public auction.
  • For a timeline on delinquent property foreclosure go to PA 123 timeline.
  • Click DELINQUENT PROPERTY LISTING to access Wayne County Delinquent Property Listing and search via Parcel ID number or street address.
  • Delinquent personal property must be paid directly to the Van Buren Township Treasurer’s Office. Outstanding personal property taxes are charged a one-time 4% penalty and accrue an additional 1% interest charge per month that they are delinquent.
  • Help Paying Property Taxes:  If you are unable to pay your Wayne County taxes to prevent the loss of your home for tax foreclosure you may be able to get financial assistance and free legal help.

Dog License

Michigan Law requires that all dogs over the age of four months be licensed. The Township Treasurer begins selling dog licenses on April 1. The cost is $5.00 between April 1 and May 31. The price is $10.00 beginning June 1. Senior citizens pay half price. A valid proof of rabies vaccination is required at the time your dog receives its license.  (Due to COVID-19, there will be no increase in price as of June 1).  Please see the attached application if you would like to have your dog license mailed to you.