Need a problem resolved such as Potholes on roadways in Wayne County?

Clerk’s Office

(Phone : 734-699-8909, Fax : 734-699-5213)
Office Hours:   7:30 AM – 4:00 PM  (Monday – Friday)



Voter Registration/Elections

Drop Box for Payments and Absentee Ballots
2019 Election Commission Members
2012 Redistricting Information
Election Law Changes – March 28, 2013

Township Records

The Township Clerk is responsible for the safekeeping of all official records of the township.

Township Cemeteries

The Township Clerk is responsible for the records of four cemeteries.
The Clerk’s office utilizes BS&A cemetery management software.
Cemetery records are available for review at the clerks office during normal business hours.

              • Cemeteries and their locations (Denton, Otisville, Soop and Tyler)
              • How to purchase a grave site/lot
              • Burial information
              • Cemetery Fee Schedule 2019

Cemetery Maps

Notary Public

                • Every member of the Clerk’s Office is a notary public. This service is provided free of charge to residents. >Notary Fee Schedule 2019