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Clerk’s Office

(Phone : 734-699-8909, Fax : 734-699-5213)
Office Hours:   7:30 AM – 4:00 PM  (Monday – Friday)



Voter Registration/Elections

Special Election Nov. 7th, 2017 Unofficial Results

Drop Box for Payments and Absentee Ballots
Election Commission Membership 2018
2012 Redistricting Information
Election Law Changes – March 28, 2013

Township Records

The Township Clerk is responsible for the safekeeping of all official records of the township.

  • Freedom of Information
  • FOIA Summary-Procedures-Guidelines
  • VBT FOIA – General
  • VBT FOIA – Public Safety
  • FOIA Wage & Fringe Cost
  • FOIA Fixed Costs 2018
  • FOIA Affidavit of Indigency
  • FOIA Cost Itemization
  • Records:
    • Board of Trustee minutes
    • Commission/Committee minutes
    • Budget/Financial Records
    • Records of Departments:
      • Supervisor’s Office
        • Assessment Information/Field Sheets
        • Lot Split Information
        • Personal Property Information
      • Treasurer’s Office
        • Real Property/Property Taxes
        • Dog Licenses
        • Delinquent Property
        • Special Assessments (sewer, lighting)
      • Developmental Services
        • Building permits/inspections
        • Ordinance/Dog Warden reports
        • Water and Sewer permits/billing
        • Planning Commission/BZA Agendas
      • Community Services
        • Recreation programming guides
        • Senior Center newsletter
        • Governmental Access Channel 12 guide
        • Community Development Block Grant Environmental
      • Public Safety
        • Police reports
        • Fire reports

Township Cemeteries

The Township Clerk is responsible for the records of four cemeteries.
The Clerk’s office utilizes BS&A cemetery management software.
Cemetery records are available for review at the clerks office during normal business hours.

          • Cemeteries and their locations (Denton, Otisville, Soop and Tyler)
          • How to purchase a grave site/lot
          • Burial information
            Cemetery Fee Schedule 2018

Cemetery Maps

Notary Public

            • Every member of the Clerk’s Office is a notary public. This service is provided free of charge to residents. Notary Fee Schedule 2018