Van Buren Township

Get A Landfill Pass or Yard Waste Sticker

Landfill passes and yard waste stickers can be obtained at the Township Hall located at 46452 Tyler Rd. Monday-Thursday 7am-5pm.
Due to construction enter through the Clerk’s office entrance and follow directional signs.
Please call 734.699.8926 if you have any questions.

Yard Waste Sticker Guidelines 
Yard Waste pickup BEGINS the first full week of April and ENDS the last full week of November.

Leaves and Grass Clippings

Leaves and grass clippings may either be placed in paper compost bags purchased at your local grocery store or placed in a trash can with a compost sticker. Compost sticker must face the road. Do not use plastic bags!!

30 bags at curbside per week maximum!! Do not overload compost bags, and be sure to fold down the tops for easier lifting. Excess of 30 bags must be taken directly to Woodland Meadows Landfill by obtaining a Landfill Pass at the Township Hall in the Community Services Office.

If you are using a can, it must have a yard waste sticker. Face the sticker toward the street and place the container 10 feet from your garbage. It should not be any larger than a 32 gallon can. 50 lb. limit. (Limit of 30 cans per week)

Please be sure that all yard waste is set out at the curb tied and bundled, in the appropriate container, and properly labeled.

Bundle all brush whose branches are less than 6” in diameter. Bundles must not weigh more than 50 lbs. Bundles must be no longer than 4 feet in length and 18” around. Brush larger than 6” in diameter must still be bundled, however, it is considered trash and will be picked up as such.

If your trash, yard waste, or recycling is not picked up by 4:00 p.m. on your regularly scheduled day, please call (734) 699-8926.

Compost season ends the last full week in November - no compost will be taken at the curbside after that date.

Landfill Pass Guidelines 
Large quantities of trash or remodeling materials will NOT be picked up at the curbside. As a Van Buren Township resident, you have the option to utilize the Woodland Meadows Landfill located on the south side of Van Born Road, just west of Hannan Road (see map below). The citizen drop-off area is located on the south side or back of the site. All vehicles entering the site must check-in at the gatehouse. Landfill ll hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. and Saturday from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.

Guidelines for utilizing the Woodland Meadows Landfill under the Van Buren resident agreement with Waste Management are listed below:
  • You MUST obtain a free landfill punch card from the Community Services Office, located at 46425 Tyler Road in order to utilize the landfill as a Van Buren Township resident. To obtain a landfill punch card you must provide proof of residency (i.e. current driver’s license). The punch card entitles you to twenty-four (24) free trips per year. Only one card per address per year will be issued by the Township.
  • A valid photo ID with a matching address must be presented with the punch card at the time of disposal.
  • This free dumping privilege cannot be extended to contractors or commercial vendors. Commercial vehicles will be refused entry or must pay for disposal of waste.
  • Each punch on the Landfill Pass is worth up to 4 cubic yards, if over 4 cubic yards per trip the card will receive an additional punch(es) based on the size of the load. To calculate cubic yards you can use the following formula: Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) x Height (ft.) divided by 27 = cubic yards. 
  • Yard waste (compost, leaves, etc.) must be separated from household waste.
  • White goods will not be accepted at the Landfill. White goods are any appliance that does or once did contain Freon (A/C units, Refrigerators, and Dehumidifiers).
  • Scrap tire disposal is limited to eight (8) tires annually.
  • Recycling is also available at the citizen drop-off area

If you have any questions, please contact the Community Services Department at (734) 699-8926.