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Higher Than Normal Water Bills

Many of our residents have called and asked about the higher than normal water bills. If you have questions about your water bill please call our water or sewer billing office Monday – Friday between 7:30am – 4 p.m. at 734.699.8925 or email Information on your account status and both present and past usage trends can be provided for comparisons and more.

Wash, rinse, flush and repeat. Something we’ve all been doing, at home, for quite some time now and because of that many of us are seeing higher water and electric bills. For many of us working from home was the only option and this meant more flushing and running water for meal preparation and dishes. Our favorite restaurants were closed for dine-in services, with other activities and entertainment also canceled. “The pandemic hit us all in unexpected ways. I’ve seen an increase in my bill, but I’m thankful we had fresh clean water coming from the taps during that time,” said Supervisor McNamara. “I know our Public Services staff were working during the Stay Home order to make sure water was still flowing.”

People stayed home more due to the COVID-19 restrictions and combined with long periods of dry spells and very high temperatures, water use in the homes significantly rose. “This spring, while we have seen a drop in water sales for local businesses, overall, our sales trends resemble those in 2018,” said James T. Taylor, VBT Water & Sewer Director. “The only difference between 2018 and this spring, is in 2018 businesses were open, people were out and about, and like this spring we had long dry periods of little rain and higher than normal temperatures.”

On January 1st, 2020 a water and sewer rate increase of 5% was recommended by Taylor and approved by the VBT Board of Trustees. Since then, there have been no additional increases to the unit costs, fees or other charges.  “Since I became the Water & Sewer Director of Van Buren Township in 2013, I have never recommended, nor ever will recommend, mid-year increases to water & sewer rates. I don’t believe that to be a best business practice,” insisted Director Taylor.  Taylor continued, “Costs increase every year to maintain and operate the water & sewer systems, and practicing short- and long-term planning is the answer to meeting those financial needs of the Township systems, not mid-year increases.”  Taylor also pointed out that the water and sewer systems in the Township are not paid for by taxes, but only by what is collected through the water bills.

If you have questions about your water bill please call the Township water and sewer billing office Monday through Friday between 7:30am and 4:00 p.m. at 734.699.8925 or email Staff will provide information on your account status, in addition to both present and past usage trends that can be used for comparisons and more.