Van Buren Township

Sidewalk Replacement Program

This is a Van Buren Township Pilot Sidewalk replacement program for Van Buren Estates (Haggerty Subdivision).

The Public Meeting was held Tuesday, April 27, 2021
You can view the meeting below:

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Sidewalk Replacement Program

Will I have to pay to fix sidewalks for other properties if there is no damage/replacement needed on my property?

No. Property owners will only pay for the sidewalk replacement costs incurred for replacement adjacent to their own property.

Is it possible Wayne County or the Township will assist in paying for sidewalks in need of replacing?

No. There is no current grant funding or current ability for the County or the Township to pay for sidewalk replacement. Township Staff are investigating other sources of possible funding.

Will replacement of a sidewalk kill tree close to the sidewalk on my property?

If tree roots need to be cut in order to properly install new sidewalk, it is possible that the tree may die, although this is a rare occurrence. Township staff will provide guidance on how to properly care for trees in this situation to give them the best chance for survival.

What factors are considered that would warrant the need to replace a slap of sidewalk?

Slope, grade change, cracking/spaulding, and crumbling are all considered. There is a set of engineering practices that will be followed to determine if a sidewalk needs to be replaced.

What is the cost for the replacement of a slab of sidewalk?

The average cost of sidewalk replacement is approximately $8 per square foot. The standard slab or flag is 5 ft by 5 ft. This places the cost of replacing a slab/flag at approximately $200 per slab. Additional costs for the design, field assessment and installation of the slab are added to the cost, determined by the selected contractor’s bid. 

What if I decide not to replace a sidewalk that is marked for needing replacement?

Under this program, all sidewalks marked for replacement will be replaced and billed to the adjacent property owner. If there is a question from a property owner on the decision to replace sidewalk, our engineer will meet and review the decision with the property owner.

Who is responsible for paying for the removal of damaged trees?

The trees in the right of way are under the jurisdiction of Wayne County. Trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.

What is the expected timeframe for this Program?

If the Township Board of Trustees approves moving forward with this project, it is anticipated it will take place in 2021 over 6 months.

Approximately how long is a new sidewalk expected to last?

New sidewalk installed properly has an expected lifespan of 20 years.

Is the Township going to assist in coordinating a lead contractor for the Program in the sub-division?

The benefit of a sidewalk replacement program is bidding out the replacements to contractors at a large scale which garners a better bid price for residents than individual replacement projects. Residents will still have the option of replacing their own sidewalks with their own contractor if they so choose.