Van Buren Township


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Responsibilities of Supervisor’s Office
The primary responsibility of Van Buren Charter Township’s Supervisor is to serve all residents. The Supervisor is often the one the public contacts to resolve problems, address concerns and requests, and explain Township policies and services.
As such, you should consider your Supervisor as the public contact for Van Buren Charter Township. Your Township Supervisor has specific responsibilities, defined by State statute or Township Board of Trustees policy. State Law mandates that the Supervisor, along with the rest of the Township Board of Trustees, be elected in partisan elections for four-year terms, which are consistent with the Presidential election cycle. In Van Buren Charter Township, the following departments report to the Supervisor:

The Supervisor presides over the meetings of the Board of Trustees and represents Van Buren Charter Township on many committees and local and regional boards. Furthermore, the Supervisor has the responsibility to create and present the annual budget, approve the agenda items for each Township Board of Trustees meeting, and appoint, (with Board approval), members of the Townships various Committees and Commissions.