Van Buren Township

Reports & Studies

Every year, Van Buren Township, like all other community water suppliers in Michigan, must develop an annual  Water Quality Report to reach consumers in the Township. Please see the available reports below. A Water Quality Report: Citizen's Guide is included as the first page. This Citizen’s Guide is meant to share easy to digest information “bites” from Van Buren Township’s Water Quality Report. It is not intended to replace the full report. All consumers are encouraged to read the full Water Quality report.

2021 Water Quality Report
2020 Water Quality Report (Full Report) & Citizens Guide 
2019 Water Quality Report Citizens Guide
2019 Water Quality Report (Full Report)

asset management plans
Full reports are available for public review at the Township Hall Public Services Office.

Executive Summary of Wastewater Asset Management Plan
Executive Summary of Water Asset Management Plan

budget presentations
Budget presentations made to the Board of Trustees. 

2020 Water & Sewer Budget Presentation
2021 Schedule of Water & Sewer Rates Effective January 2021