Van Buren Township

Environmental Complaints

For general environmental complaints in the Township, please call 734-699-8913 to speak to the Department of Public Services.


Have you ever noticed a strong odor, a large amount of smoke, or other air quality concerns but didn’t know who to call? Van Buren Township staff will help direct your concerns to the appropriate agency. While the Township does not have direct regulatory authority over most air quality issues, our staff has been trained to collect complaint information and transmit these concerns to the appropriate agency. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) handles most air quality concerns in the State of Michigan. The MDEQ regulates the emissions from industrial facilities, monitors odors from waste disposal facilities, and has specific guidelines for open burning.

If you notice an air quality concern, such as a strong odor emanating from a facility in the Township or a large amount of smoke, please get in touch with the Township Department of Community Services at (734) 699-8926 during normal business hours (7:00 AM – 5:00 PM), Monday to Thursday or the Department of Public Safety at (734) 699-8930 outside of normal business hours. Township staff will then forward that information to the MDEQ or the appropriate agency for follow-up.


24-Hour Environmental Hotline Wayne County: 888-223-2363

  • The following are examples of some issues regulated by the environmental programs within the Department of Public Services:
  • Drain maintenance, sewer maintenance, and industrial sewage discharges.
  • Landfill, illegal dumping, soil runoff from construction sites, and other solid waste-related complaints.
  • Water pollution and other water quality-related complaints

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Pollution Emergency Alerting System Hotline: 800-292-4706

  • To report Spills, Releases, or other Environmental Emergencies involving land, water, groundwater, wetlands, dams, landfills, hazardous or radioactive materials, mines, public drinking water, oil and gas wells, and nuclear power plants.