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Denton Road Bridge Replacement

The purpose of this project is to replace the Denton Road Bridge, which was closed in October 2022 due to its deteriorating condition. Subsequently, Wayne County representatives determined that a complete bridge reconstruction was necessary. The Township has been working with Wayne County and our state legislators toward this reconstruction.

Additionally, we can confirm the following key design elements that will be added to the bridge:
1. The bridge's height will be increased to be similar to the clearance of the Belleville Road Bridge. 
2. The bridge's design will incorporate decorative elements, including lighting and decorative blocks. 
3. A pedestrian path will be integrated into the bridge and the causeway leading up to it, connecting to existing sidewalks and providing a tie-in for a future sidewalk to the west as well as a connection point for the Iron Belle Trail.

Project Schedule:

Construction is estimated to begin in late Summer or Fall of 2024. However, there may be circumstances beyond the control of the Township, which may impact the timeline. The Township is doing all that it can to ensure that the bridge construction will begin as soon as possible.

Latest Information:

In response to the necessary bridge reconstruction, our Township collaborated closely with State Representative Reggie Miller, Senator Camilleri, and Wayne County officials to develop a plan of action. Our state legislators worked diligently to secure a $10 million allocation for the bridge's reconstruction, which was included in the FY 23-24 state budget, effective October 1.

To expedite the project, the Township took on the responsibility of contracting with an engineering company to handle the design work for the bridge. In March 2023, we issued a Request for Proposals (RFP), received bids, and subsequently approved a contract with Fishbeck for design engineering services in May 2023. Since then, Fishbeck has been actively progressing through various stages, including preliminary engineering, environmental studies, coordination with external utilities, and securing the necessary permits for the bridge project. These efforts encompass survey work, wetland delineation studies, endangered species assessments, State Historic Preservation Office reviews, hydraulic analysis, preliminary design work, and other essential tasks.

Our objective remains to have the project ready for bidding in the spring of 2024. At that point, we will hand over the reins to Wayne County to advertise for bids and execute the project contract. We anticipate that construction will commence in late summer or fall of 2024, although we acknowledge that unforeseen challenges could impact the timeline. Nevertheless, we are committed to ensuring that construction begins as soon as possible.

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