Van Buren Township

Human Resources

Phone: 734-699-8900 X9293 | Cell: 734-740-1062Fax: 734-699-8958
Office Hours:   7:00 AM – 5:00 PM  (Monday – Thursday) Township Offices Closed on Fridays

"All Things Work”
The Divisions Functional Core Roles Include: 
-Employee/Labor  Relations
-Workforce Management
We like having an unfair advantage over the Competition. We show our commitment to your profession as a Van Buren Township employee by providing premier pay, benefits, and retirement packages that give up to 12%. Who does that? You bring your talent. We will give you the stage for your best performance!

We know there are several roads to opportunity out there, you just have to take them. Turn right at the premiere opportunity, Van Buren Township. We are a financially strong community that is growing exponentially! We impart you with more than just a title; you gain work purpose. We deliver professional coaching, leadership, development, and a network of partnerships within Wayne County and beyond, ensuring your success no matter what role you take on. We value your ideas, your uniqueness, and your talent. We value YOU!

Van Buren Township continues to make positive changes for our community with our recruiting platform of Diversity and Inclusion.   Let’s Start the Conversation for a clear path of advancement in our workforce.  What’s on Your Mind? Email Nicole Sumpter the Director of Human Resources by clicking here.