Van Buren Township

Early Voting

Early Voting/Early In-Person Voting

Early voting allows voters to cast their ballots in person before Election Day. This period lasts nine days. It starts on the second Saturday before State and Federal elections and ends on the Sunday before Election Day.

During early voting, voters fill out their ballots and submit them through a tabulator. Once submitted, these ballots cannot be changed and are securely stored until the end of the day. Each evening, election workers from both political parties place the ballots into a Secure Ballot Box, which is also used for absentee ballots and applications to vote. This box is sealed, and the tabulator is shut down for the night. The tabulator is reactivated the next morning after an inspection, ensuring that vote tallies remain inaccessible until 8 pm on Election Day. This process ensures the security, integrity, and validity of the votes.

When is Early Voting?

Early voting is 9 days prior to each election from Saturday until Sunday. For the 2024 Primary Election is August early voting will be held from July 27 to August 4. For 2024 General Election in November early voting will be held from October 26 through November 3.

How is Early In-Person Voting Different Than Absentee?

Both early in-person voting and absentee voting allow voters to vote their ballot prior to Election Day. However, there are important differences between the two choices in voting. Early in-person voting is similar to how you would at your precinct on Election Day. Voters are issued a ballot, or they bring in their absentee ballot with numbered stub attached and in the absentee secrecy sleeve, vote it at the Early Voting Center, and then insert it into the tabulator, just like at a precinct.