Van Buren Township



Van Buren Township Department of Public Safety policy requires that a release be obtained by the registered/titled owner in order to secure the release of an impounded vehicle.  Vehicle releases are available 24 hours a day at the front desk upon providing the following information.

  • Registered owner with valid driver’s license –
  • Registered owner with valid identification and two driver’s with valid driver’s license (One to drive your vehicle and one to drive the vehicle that transported you to the police department)
  • Valid registration or title to vehicle
  • Valid proof of insurance for vehicle (May be faxed by your insurance company to 734 699-5329)   

$30 cash – release form fee

A vehicle which is unregistered, uninsured or for which no valid licensed driver can be obtained may be towed from the tow yard after obtaining a release from the police department to do so.  The registered owner would still have to obtain the release through valid identification, proof of ownership and fee payment.
In the event that the registered owner is unable to come to the police department, they may complete a “hold harmless” letter authorizing a third party to obtain the release of the vehicle on their behalf.  The hold harmless letter will need to authorize the release of the vehicle to a specifically named party, describe the vehicle to be released and be signed by the registered owner.  The letter must be notarized.  The letter may be delivered in person or faxed to 734 699-5329.  The named party must still hold a valid driver’s license and present the registration/title, proof of insurance and $30 fee.

*No vehicle or property in a vehicle, will be released without completing this process. 

All vehicles impounded by the Van Buren Twp. Police are taken to Great Lake Towing (42359 Van Born Rd, Belleville, MI 48111 734-397-1529) or J&T Crova Towing (287 Industrial Park Dr, Belleville, MI 48111 734-699-0584). Call our Dispatch Center’s non-emergency number at 743-699-8930. Personnel there will be able to advise you where your vehicle is being held. (Vehicle release charge of $30.00 is to be paid at the Van Buren Twp. Police station before your vehicle is released.)

Great Lakes Towing Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Saturday & Sunday by appointment only.
J&T Crova Towing Monday – Friday  9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

(Due to COVID restrictions call before coming to either tow yard)

*The vehicle will only be released with proof of ownership