Van Buren Township


VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP, Michigan, March 12, 2023 – At this time of year we tend to see a high number of fish killed in Belleville Lake. This is due to the spring melt and operators of Ford Lake and the Huron River water system managing the water levels between the dams.

The State MDNR – Fisheries have visited the Ford Lake Dam and have done an investigation. The MDNR officials have communicated to the Township that the dam draws water from the lake bottom, bringing along with it many fish. Recently, an estimated 10,000 fish (mostly black crappie) were killed due to the fact that they were “sucked into” the turbines.

The Township is aware of this occurrence and remains in contact with the MDNR and officials from the Huron River Watershed. The officials have advised this occurrence is likely to last another month.