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Compost / recycling guidelines



How to prepare your compost

Brush Bundle all brush that is less than 6" in diameter. Bundles must not weigh more than 50 lbs. Bundles must be no longer than 4 feet in length and 18" around. Brush larger than 6" in diameter must still be bundled, however it is considered trash and will be picked up as such. 

If your trash, yard waste or recycling is not picked up by 4:00 pm on your regularly scheduled day, please call (734) 699-8926.   

Leaves and Grass Clippings

Leaves and grass clippings may either be placed in paper compost bags purchased at your local grocery store, or placed in a trash can with a compost sticker. Compost sticker must face the road.

Do not overload compost bags, and be sure to fold down the tops for easier lifting. 

Do not use plastic bags!!

If you are using a can, it must have a yard waste sticker. Face the sticker towards the street and place the container ten feet from your garbage. It should not be any larger than a 32 gallon container 50 lb limit.

Recycling Items

  • Newspapers : Including all inserts, advertisements and magazines that are delivered with them.
  • White and Colored Paper : Including office paper, computer paper and envelopes.
  • Brown Paper Bags : Keep them separate from your paper.
  • Telephone Books and Paperback Books : No hardcover books.
  • Tin Cans : Remove all labels and rinse them out before placing in bin.
  • Aluminum : Containers and foil.
  • Bottles and Jars : Any color except brown. You do not have to peel the labels off or remove the little plastic rings that remain from twist off caps. Rinse and remove all caps.  No dishes, light bulbs, ceramics, or Pyrex.
  • Bottles and Containers : Must be marked on the bottom with a 1 through 7 symbol. Water bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, salad dressing bottles, food trays and personal care products are accepted.  Rinse and remove all caps. 
  • No bottles that held motor oil or other toxic fluids.
  • All corrugated cardboard is acceptable. Bundle separate from paper into 2'X2'X1' squares. Also, paperboard such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes and tissue boxes are acceptable. No cardboard with wax coating or liners are acceptable. No frozen food boxes. No pizza boxes. Wet cardboard is also not recyclable.  
  • Material must fit in recycle bin, or be bundled in 2' x 2' x 1' sections by string.
Batteries (Household)
  • Household batteries (dry cells) contain heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.) that can pose a potential threat to water and human health if disposed of improperly.

  • Reduce: Use an A/C adapter instead of batteries whenever possible.

  • Reuse: Use rechargeable batteries to save money and the environment. One charger can charge many different sizes of batteries.

  • Recycle: Household batteries can be brought to Van Buren Township’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day.






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