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Van Buren Township Police offer many self service options that may save you time and a trip to the police department. Crash reports are available online.If you need a copy of a crash report follow this link . If you received a ticket you can pay it online through the 34th District Courts online payment service available here.



Van Buren Township Police now offers crime mapping. Stay informed about crimes that are happening in and around your neighborhood. If this is your first time using please check out this short 4 minute video for a quick overview.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there is misuse seen in approximately 73% of all child safety seats in use. According to the CDC over 1200 deaths, and approximately 171,000 injuries occur yearly to children 14 and under. The Van Buren Township Public Safety Department is committed to the safety of the children in our community and currently has two officers specially trained in the inspection of child restraint systems. The officers will assist residents by inspecting, not installing, child restraint systems. Inspections are available Mon. – Fri. by appointment only. Due to demand and resources, this service is available to Van Buren Township residents only. Appointments can be made by contacting Ofc. Ryan Bidwell via e-mail or by calling (734) 699-8930. For current child seat recalls click here.


Belleville Lake is a great place to be in the summer time. Whether you swim, fish, ski, or just relax on a boat, make sure your time on the water is enjoyable and safe. Know your limitations. Know your equipment. Know the laws.










Van Buren Township  Animal Control offers a lost and found listing to help reunite pets and pet owners. Animal Control is responsible for investigating animal cruelty complaints, advise on nuisance wildlife problems and to enforce Township ordinances pertaining to animals. If you need assistance or more information please contact Animal Control Officer Queener at (734) 699-8930 or via e-mail. Van Buren Township does not pick-up feral cats, you will need to contact a private animal control business. For reporting or removal of wildlife on the roadways please contact Wayne County Road Commission Animal Removal at (734) 753-4477.


Van Buren Township Police is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all citizens and visitors to the Township. If you are aware of criminal activity involving drugs call our anonymous drug tip hotline at (734) 699 – 8940. Report suspicious activity. If you are unsure if someone is supposed to be in an area, contact the police department. 28000 sets of eyes and ears makes for a great surveillance system.






Child safety is paramount in Van Buren Township. Whether at school, home or play there are many options for ensuring that we all do everything we can to make Van Buren Township a safe place to raise a child. Here are just some of the options and tools available to you and your children. If you need further information please contact the police department at (734) 699-8930.



speed trailer

Van Buren Township Police offers it’s residents access to a speed trailer display unit. Speed trailers are used throughout the country by law enforcement agencies as an effective tool to deter speeding. If you feel that an area is becoming unsafe due to traffic issues contact the traffic unit and they will work with you to devise a plan of action. Speed trailers, selective enforcement and increased patrols are just some of the options that may be available to you.





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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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To build Michigan’s premier police agency that is a recognized leader for efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, and public safety.

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The DUTY of the Van Buren Police Department is to serve the people of our community with dignity, respect, fairness and compassion. We serve with COURAGE to protect life and property and maintain law and order. We will uphold the TRUST placed in us to safeguard constitutional guarantees and will do so with HONOR worthy of those who have served before us. INTEGRITY is the cornerstone of our profession. We will maintain a standard of conduct that reinforces the ideals of honesty, accountability and pledge to hold ourselves to the highest legal, moral and ethical standards.