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Clerk Leon Wright




Clerk's Office

(Phone : 734-699-8909, Fax : 734-699-5213)
 Township Clerk may also be reached via cell phone during regular office hours at:
(Cell 734-787-4141)



  • The Clerkís Office performs a variety of duties related to Human Resources.
    • Policy for obtaining job applications.
    • Payroll schedule
    • Collective bargaining agreements
    • COBRA Information
  • List of Township Hall Closings

  • Guides, Booklets, and Maps are available in the Clerkís Office

Drop Box for Payments and Absentee Ballots

Voter Registration/Elections

                   2012 Redistricting Information
Election Law Changes - March 28, 2013

Township Records

The Township Clerk is responsible for the safekeeping of all official records of the township.

  • Freedom of Information Requests

  • Records:

    • Board of Trustee minutes

    • Commission/Committee minutes

    • Budget/Financial Records

    • Records of Departments:

      • Supervisorís Office

        • Assessment Information/Field Sheets

        • Lot Split Information

        • Personal Property Information

      • Treasurerís Office

        • Real Property/Property Taxes

        • Dog Licenses

        • Delinquent Property

        • Special Assessments (sewer, lighting)

      • Developmental Services

        • Building permits/inspections

        • Ordinance/Dog Warden reports

        • Water and Sewer permits/billing

        • Planning Commission/BZA Agendas

      • Community Services

        • Recreation programming guides

        • Senior Center newsletter

        • Governmental Access Channel 12 guide

        • Community Development Block Grant Environmental

      • Public Safety

        • Police reports

        • Fire reports

Township Cemeteries

Notary Public

  • Every member of the Clerk's Office is a notary public. This service is provided free of charge to residents.     



Van Buren Township

 46425 Tyler Rd. Van Buren Twp, MI 48111



The U.S. Census Bureau provides information pertaining to our area such as Van Buren Township's population increase from 21,010 to 23,559. We have a gender ratio of 11,876 males and 11,683 females, the two largest age groups are 25 to 34 year olds at 4,702 and 35 to 44 year olds at 3,836 followed closely by people aged 45 to 54 at 3,407 with an overall median age of 32.1. The four largest ethnic groups are 19,930 White, 3,097 Black or African American, 539 Asian and 315 American Indians and Alaska Native.








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